Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Kung Fu and Kickboxing?

The Kung Fu was developed to enable the monks to maintain their fitness and enable them to defend themselves against aggressors. Kung Fu incorporates weapons into the defence system and is also seen as a way of life.
Chinese Kickboxing developed as people desired a quick way to get fit, achieve confidence and be able to handle street situations. It is hailed as one of the most popular and enjoyable martial arts.

Do you have to be fit to start?
Definitely not – you’ll find that the amount of exercise will be tailored as your fitness increases week on week!

Am I too old to start Martial Arts classes?
We welcome anyone age 5 and over. Our oldest member at the moment is 74 and he first started at age 67, having been a lorry driver for most of his life. We encourage all of our students regardless of age, ability, fitness and gender to reach their full potential.
Is it a good way to lose weight?
Yes – it is a brilliant way to lose weight! But not only that you become more toned and fitter at the same time!

Can I come on my own?
You can come on your own or with a friend – ours is a friendly club that prides itself on making everyone welcome.