About Us



Stoke Kung Fu and Kickboxing was established 40 years ago under the guidance of Henry Chung. He taught Lau Gar Kung Fu, which was derived from the form of Martial Arts practised at the temples situated in West China. The style subsequently became very popular in Great Britain.

He was closely followed by George Shore who was the Chief Instructor until he passed the mantle onto Bob Parkinson who is the present day Chief Instructor.

George Shore

George Shore was a phenomenal martial artist who built a reputation for the Stoke Club. He was a dedicated and fearless individual who expected the highest standard from all of his students. He produced many world champions and world class instructors and had an elite fighting team who dominated Great Britain throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

Bob Parkinson -‘Piston Legs’

When George Shore retired from Stoke he knew that the club would continue to thrive and that the highest standards would be maintained under the leadership of Bob Parkinson. Bob brings out the very best in his students; skilfully combining ultimate respect for the ethos of martial arts, within a very friendly and welcoming, all-inclusive club. His passion, dedication and ability continues to inspire and encourage students to reach their full potential. The club has been built on its reputation of having instructors who have all been coached and developed by the Chief Instructor.

All are black sash in Kung Fu and black belt in Kickboxing and are of an exceptional standard.